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The European Sex Union came into being two and a half years ago, that was April 2007. My website has been gradually building; I firmly believe I am now going in the right direction. Emails are starting to flood in from people on either side regarding this industry; interest is being shown from girls wishing to become an escort and men wanting to meet with one.
This response made me realise that maybe I can help, so this website is dedicated in helping any potential escort ladies on their way.
So exactly what I will do for you?

If you are located in Europe I am sure that I will be able to help you with your escort career. Basically what I am offering is your own webpage with your pictures and information about yourself click to see example. Secondly I will be able to send customers to your profile page. This will be done via other 15 websites and forum which cover most of the European countries. Simply I will place your text ads in the article covering your business location, this will no doubt help regarding your area.

How did I start become an escort

A few months ago I received an email from a beautiful young lady in Frankfurt, Germany. Her name was Sandra. She liked the idea of working as an escort, the same as you may be, if you are reading this. She found me by simply typing the words escort services into a Google search. She found my website and wrote an email to me. In the email she asked how I can her help to set up her online escort business. In the past I had received some similar emails but I simply ignored them. Up until that point. This time though, I thought about how I could help. I began thinking I could maybe provide space on my website.

I asked Sandra to provide some pictures for her profile click to see Sandra profile. She provided me with 4 pictures and I wrote a small article for her, about 300 words and from this I created her very own profile page. This small page made her a proper online escort, with a webpage. Where she could post pictures, update her profile section and add story’s etc. But to be honest, having your own webpage doesn’t mean success overnight. The competition is big on the internet. So if you website isn’t on the first page in Google, for your targeted keywords, there is little chance you will receive a lot of business from it.

Sandra is located in Frankfurt which is in Germany. So for the keywords, in Google “Frankfurt escort services”, one of my websites is in 3rd position. For “Frankfurt brothels” the same website is in 1st position. And for “Frankfurt prostitution” it is in 4th position. The page targeting these keywords receives approximately 371 visitors per month. That’s 371 people, potentially looking for escort services in Frankfurt, visiting my website each and every month. As an escort, she easily makes sales so business is significantly improved. I provide her with text ads and place them in the body of the article mentioned above (with 371 visitors monthly) click to see her ads. She purchased one month’s advertising for which I charged 15 Euros. In the first week she received more then 15 emails and she received 4 paying customers as a result.

Fortunately, Frankfurt has a big airport with people flying from all over the world, often changing flights. Many wait overnight for the next plane. Many of them book into a hotel. Many may book an escort for their stay in Frankfurt. And because of Sandra’s clear visibility on my websites, this is exactly the kind of customer she can, has and does receive. An example: She arranged to meet 2 clients via email 2 days before they arrived in Frankfurt. She spent 4.5 hour with one of them, making 400 Euros and 5 hours with another man, making another 450 Euros. Plus, she made 2 more sales with local guys. 1 hour each which made her 250 Euros. All together she made 1100 euros in the first week (11.5 hours work). Good money hey.

anna kournikova

Retired, international tennis star, Russian born Anna Kournikova began competing at the tender age of 8. Today she remains active in tennis related enterprises and pursues philanthropic activities. With her owing less than any other celebrity, it is likely this was just an over site. Her problem was cleared fairly quickly.

I know in Frankfurt there are plenty of ladies making much more money per week. But business will only keep improving and she will be very comfortable with the money she makes. All her clients were foreign, mainly English speaking. The 2 on business trips were American and the others were from elsewhere. My website is in English and most of the readers are English speaking. Just think!! If the Norwegian man is going to Prague in the Czech Republic, he is searching Google in English language for “escort services Prague” or “Prague escort”. English is now an international language, so many people going abroad search the internet in English.

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila front, things are pretty much the same, she just goes from one dress to another, and we’re treated to more or less the same skin show. Probably a little less or a little more at times, but after a point you can’t really tell the difference. Considering that she can’t be doing this all her life, it’s her only tryst to fame. We could cut some slack though since most celebs become ubiquitous at some point in life, and this then can be termed as her time. Is she going to last, well that depends if she can garner more interest within all the straight men, and the gay community, then she’ll be able to go for a while longer.

But how much is it going to cost?

If this is going to be viable, it has got to be cheap!!! All this will cost you is €15 per month if you are interested, alternatively I can reduce the cost to €10 per month if you prefer to pay 6 months in advance. For this price I will set up/start your page and send clients looking for escorts in your area. To find out how this site works, I like to give you a free trial period of 60 days!

If you would like me to write an article for your profile a charge will have to be made €25 (for about 500 words). Articles are very important for, as search engines like Google like text. If you have lots of keyword targeting text on you page you will receive more traffic from search engines. When writing your article I will make sure it is search engine friendly.

Escort Business

Even in today's Economy the Escort Business is thriving. Because of its ties to the oldest profession in the World, this is one Industry that always has been and always will be recession proof. The Escort Industry is more popular around the World than at any time in History however most of the so-called How To Books and Manuals are full of erroneous information and written by individuals with no Industry experience. Needless to say, if you aren't running it properly, your Girls can get hurt, both you and them can get ripped off, they can spend time in the City or County Jail and you could even go to Club Fed. The correct knowledge is priceless.

The proven Tips and Techniques that I can share with you can provide you with a lifestyle that most people only dream about. Remember that I started with only one willing young Lady and absolutely No Money. Even though I never tried to aggressively build my Agency, within a few months we were consistently keeping 15 to 20 Girls a day busy with 3 to 5 Dates each.

There are many ways to set up and run an Escort Agency however there are certain absolute Rules that must be followed to assure your success and drastically decrease your chances for failure. When you have a great Plan and follow it and run it as a true Business, your Escort Agency will always Make Mountains of Money.


The sooner you start your Escort Service Business the better. There is no profit without risk and audacity. The key to success is to be ambitious and brave – do your first step today and you will regret you did not started yesterday, do not leave things you can do now for tomorrow, it is pointless waste of time and consequently money.
Remember escort service after all is the first “business”, set as such, ever known to humankind. Therefore since the ancient Greek hetaeras and Middle East eunuchs, through the Japanese geishas, nowadays still the luxury escort service (whether male or female) is one of the best high profitable things to do for living.


To be successful an entrepreneur need to always keep in mind that things are achieved through a number of carefully set in advance steps. Our Escort Service Setup Guide is a guaranteed source of these steps. All you need to do is read it, understand it, do it, and you will soon be one of the many people taking advantage of this gold mine.

Why Our Guide

On the market there are a couple of different Escort Service guides. There are two very good reasons to choose our Escort Service Setup Guide – Professionalism and Price. They all range between $500 and $700 and are all written from people that were either never in the escort business, or they were and got caught in prostitution charges and are selling their life story. We have been operating in the escort industry for many years and we never had problems with law enforcement. We know exactly what, when and how needs to be done to be 100% legal, safe and very very profitable.

My Tale of Passion with an Enchanting Sweden Escort

I have been traveling extensively in the past few years and since I am all alone most of the time, I do experience a strange sense of loneliness in every trip of mine. To beat these bouts of depression, I have now begun sampling the various female escorts that all the different places have to offer. Out of all the fabulous women I have been with, it is the Swedish escorts girls that deserve a worthy mention.

Though I must admit that these escorts were more expensive than the others, I have absolutely no regrets about blowing up my money on them because they were oh so worth every penny. Stockholm offered me with innumerable options with regards to the number of escort agencies. I took a virtual tour of some of the websites belonging to these agencies and came across this absolutely stunning picture of Jane. She was pretty and petite, just like how I like my women to be. I immediately made a booking and paid 130 Euros on my credit card including the surcharge.

I must say I was pretty impressed with her punctuality and also her sense of dressing. She wore a tiny black number which left little fro imagination. Her perfect frame made her look better in person than in her online profile picture. My Swedish girl wasted no time in getting me prepared for action and begun with a sensual massage with warm oil all over me.

The gentle stroking has already succeeded in arousing me and I had a tough time letting her complete her massage. It took me a while to wash the oil of my body and when I got back to the room, there she was, all undressed and ready. These girl surely know how to have their way in bed and she made me do things that I could never have imagined doing. All in all, I had a phenomenal orgasm and by the time she left, I had already made up my mind to taste her every time I was in Sweden.

Prostitution in Ancient Greece

These activities were a part of daily life, prostitution in those days was widely accepted and women and men were free to participate in this branch of the industry. In Athens for instance Solon organised and created state brothels, further more the prices were regulated as well.

Even as far back in time as this pimping still took place, and red light districts were also in existence. Slaves of barbarian descent and girls who were left fatherless were all associated at the bottom end of the scale. They were employed in brothels, and in the young girls case would have to remain there, their freedom only came if they could prove otherwise. All the time they were regarded as slaves this is where they would have to stay; The Pornai is the description that was used in this particular time. The establishments where they worked were mainly to entertain the poor people and sailors, not an ideal arrangement for the girls involved.

The independent prostitutes were on the next level; they worked the streets and wore make-up along with displaying their charms. These ladies came from varying backgrounds, different circumstances led to some of these women taking up prostitution. If applied in the right way they could make a reasonable living, the capital demanded registration and taxes to be paid. Depending on the woman in question would determine the price, a young girl or virgin could charge a much higher price.

Nowadays of course the escort prices would be subject to what a client wants, irrespective of who they are. Male banquets that had musicians and dancers working there were also in the market for adult-entertainment, this was no doubt a more superior form regarding sexual activities. The flute and harp girls and also the lyre girls were under control, being only able to charge so much the rest of the profits went to their seniors.

At the top end of the scale was the Hetaera, they were like the Athens escorts of today, well educated and able to hold a conversation about many subjects. Having these qualities attracted people of a much higher standing, these ladies I suppose were the high-class hookers. The Hataera as they were known did not want for money; many were very rich but chose to work in this profession. The prices they were able to demand probably helped put some of them in the wealthy bracket, but nonetheless a lot of these women were comfortably off anyway.

Sparta is the only city not to take part in these activities, brothels or similar establishments did not exist here. The main reason for this is precious metal was scarce, their use of iron currency was not accepted anywhere else. So there is no recollection of prostitution in Sparta for this very reason, pimps or anyone else connected to this industry were not interested in coming here.

Athens escorts are at the top end of this profession, their versatility and understanding sets them apart from the rest of the industry. Providing you are a genuine customer the best possible service will be experienced.

The present legal status in Greece

Prostitution in Athens along with the whole of Greece is legal; regulations are in existence and they have to be adhered to. 1999 saw a new law added stating that all brothels must have permits, the Greek Authorities made this decision to keep on top of things. Anyone engaged in prostitution must register at the local prefecture; also a medical card is required. The card will be updated every fortnight; the estimation is there are fewer than 1,000 women legally employed in the industry. The overall figure for prostitution in Greece is very much higher; as many as 20,000 women are practising illegally. Like other countries trafficking plays its part, these girls are not registered and are in the hands of the pimps.

Types of prostitution in Athens and Greece

Street prostitution will be found in the red light districts, this is where the girl will solicit the man for money in exchanged for sex. If the client agrees on the price business can be carried out, the girl will take the client to a place of her choosing. Sometimes sex will be permitted inside the customer’s vehicle; this will depend upon the lady in question.

Brothels are a popular choice to many people; here one can visit for the services of a particular girl. Depending on what the client’s preferences are will determine the price, if everything is agreed the customer will then be taken care of. A room will be available where business can commence, the girl will deliver the service required to the client.

The escort services are the top of this industry, these girls are trained at what they do and will supply the ultimate service. The Athens escort ladies have the experience which sets them apart, if money is not an issue these girls are well worth a visit.
Prostitution population in Greece

The estimation for the amount of prostitutes in Greece is around 20,000, however many of the numbers are made up of foreign workers. The figures for Athens the capital could be around 3,000 but then again this is only estimation. As previously mentioned because of the quantity of migrant women pinpointing figures is extremely difficult, this applies to many other countries also.

Prices relating to the industry

Starting with the escort profession around 200 Euros will be the average price for one of these ladies, any additional hour will be charged accordingly. This is the most expensive branch of the industry but the rewards make up for the price, their expertise is unchallenged anywhere else.

Brothels fall into the middle category, between 100 to 150 Euros could be spent depending on what one is looking for. These establishments are popular here clients come and go and many return for further visits.

The street girls are at the cheaper end of the scale, anything from 50 to 100 Euros could be parted with. Some of the foreign ladies may charge even less, but these girls quite often have a drug related problem. If you intend to go down this road just be careful, and always take precautions.

My Irresistible Brussels escort

Having at least one encounter with an escort had always been on my mind but it wasn’t until my last visit to Brussels that I mustered the courage to put my thoughts into action. I had figured out that the best place to go hunting for female escorts in Brussels was Rue d’Aerschot that is just a stone’s throw away from North Station. This street is any man’s dream come true with innumerable windows from where you can choose your escort.

These girls are hot as hell and very good at making passes at men. I walked into one of the many FKK clubs here after paying 65 euros as entry. I was surprise to see so many escorts walking in the nude waiting the visitors to pick them up. They charge a standard rate of 50 Euros per half an hour and do not push you for extra money in the form of tips. I was in my fantasy word with so many beautiful women who I could touch and kiss before I decided to try as many girls as I could and begun with the prettiest looking of all who also incidentally turned out to be the youngest.

She took me to large bedroom where she wasted no time in blowing my brains off. After a little break and a few drinks, I turned to another girl called July who was dusky and tall. She was the sex goddess every man would want to take to bed. I love women who take charge and July did just that. I was so happy with her services that I chose to extend my time with this girl than trying another one. I thoroughly enjoyed the blowjob she gave me and the doggie style sex was outstanding too. In one night, I had fucked two fabulous women and wasn’t in any position to go any further. I was so famished that I had to leave but not before deciding to come back.

Athens escorts a complete insight

This city is another place that is full of history; Athens of course is the capital of Greece and one of the most famous parts of the World to visit. This city is one of the oldest on the planet; records go back around 3,400 years.

The Acropolis and museum is just an example on what’s on offer here, if history is of interest there is plenty in Athens to see. Greek mythology is well – known around the world, and is still popular in this present day. The climate is good here regarding holidays, so there is more than one attraction about this place.The escort ladies are pretty appealing too, so if your aim is along the lines of adult-entertainment then you will not be disappointed.

Escort services in Bucharest

The Romanian capital Bucharest is now moving with the times since the breakdown of communism, and furthermore since their inclusion into the European Union also. If you are going for a visit, there is plenty to see and the entertainment is first class as well, in particular the nightlife. Like many of the Eastern European.

Romania Escort Services & Adult Clubs

Romania is situated in the southeastern part of Europe. It is bordered by Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria. Black sea shares its coast with Romania. The state is formed by merging up of two Moldova and Walachia in the year 1859 and it got united with Transylvania in the year 1918. The capital city.

Escort services in Berne

Berne the capital of Switzerland is as nice a city as you could wish to visit; it’s not the biggest in the country but worth a look all the same. Remaining one of the neutrals as regards World politics to a certain degree has stood this country in good stead, and the quality of life.

Zurich Escort services, Switzerland

Switzerland remains one of the neutral countries but at the same time still has political influence regarding certain issues. If one is looking for adult entertainment Zurich has it all, in particular the Zurich escort services are easily the best. These girls will give you the V.I.P treatment providing finances are forthcoming; you will not